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Integrating blogdown and pkgdown

By Conor Neilson |  Sep 4, 2021  | blogdown, r, tutorial
Make your pkgdown websites be part of your blogdown website. Context I have websites set up using both blogdown and pkgdown. The reason for using both is they solve very different problems. For instance I have My main personal website, built with blogdown, and hosted by Netlify Individual websites for R packages, built with pkgdown, and hosted on Github Pages This is a case where it’s appropriate to be using both.
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Generated plots not showing in blogdown

By Conor Neilson |  Apr 4, 2021  | r, blogdown
Debugging why my plots weren’t showing up in blogdown While writing my last post, I discovered that while using blogdown::serve_site(), any plots generated by R code weren’t showing up in the website. The first thing I did was remove the .gitignore file under my static directory. This unfortunately didn’t fix the issue (but I suspect was still a contributor to the final fix.) The second thing I did was add a setup R chunk that had the code knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE, fig.
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Setting your posts preview in blogdown

By Conor Neilson |  Dec 23, 2020  | blogdown
In which I learn about post summaries. In various hugo themes, you get the option of having a ‘preview’ of the text that your post contains. For example, this is how it looks on my blog: I’ve always been irritated by not being able to control what text went into that little description section. Early in my blogdown journey I looked into it, but quickly got lost in Hugo’s .Summary and .
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